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Vectrex games now available at Packrat Video Games, LLC


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Very quick introduction (again): David 'Ozyr' Flemming, the owner of Packrat Video Games, LLC. For those who don’t already know — the change from the old Packrat happened during late 2012 into 2013.

It was announced here earlier this year that Packrat would be taking over production of Vectrex games that John Dondzila was selling on his Website (Packrat has a contract with John to do such). The process has been slow, hampered by family health issues (myself, mother, and now my sister too), but progress moves on.

Things are still moving ahead, and as of today, Gravitrex and Protector / YASI are once for sale again through Packrat (www.packratvg.com). More Vectrex games will be added as there is time to do so. So, Packrat is getting there, step by step.

(Please note - at this time due to the family issues mentioned, order are still being done, but there will be small delays in email replies, and some delays in shipping — not big delays, but shipping won't happen super quick — thanks for your understanding in this).

Rest assured, all of John's games and VectrexCarts game too will be be for sale again soon. This will happen during the end of 2014 and into early 2015.

Thank you to any and all Packrat fans out there! :)

Packrat Video Games, LLC is proud to becoming a member of the Vectrex community (Personally have three units, and a good amount of Homebrews that I bought over the years for the Vectrex — outstanding system)!

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As of November 19th, Vecmania is for sale again via Packrat. Thrust will be available by Sunday November 23rd. After that, I'll be much more busy with family issues, as noted on the Packrat website. Not sure when I'll get more of the 21 games for the Vectrex out that John sold (four for now isn't bad). More likely early 2015 for the rest, but only time will tell.

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Update to original post: As of January 17th, 2015, Packrat now how the following batch of three games available for sale for the Vectrex from the old CGC stock (in addition to the four listed at top):

Vectopia, Nebula Commander, and V-Frogger.

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I need to bump this to express how impressed I am with my first order!


Just received Space Frenzy for Vectrex. Wow!

Waaaaay more than I expected for $20 plus shipping!
Wow! Heavy box mailer, (I would say overkill, but as mentioned those plastic box edges can crack if slammed). Plastic box with printed insert for front/edge/back. Game in Vectrex cart shell with shiny label. Box has foam spacer to keep cartridge from shifting around. I sure this is VecVox/Voice compatible, but I wish it would say so on the box.
Great deals, and professional work.
Can't wait to buy more from Packrat Video Games, LLC!
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