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QBoxPro and adding file to concat


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Hi everyone,

So-- when you add a phrase to your concatenations-- it gives you this window with lovely configuration options for robotic / whisper / speed / pitch.. And I found that, the LPC data that you generate under "Format" does not actually apply any of those configurations. Does anyone know of a way to get LPC data that reflects those changes?



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As you've found, no it does not alter the produced data.


Unfortunately it doesn't work, I have only used it to get an idea of how i might alter the original sound file to produce a more pleasing result by pre-processing the audio file .


I take the produced data and drop it into either an assy program or convert it to a merge format for xbasic to test what it will sound like on the actual hardware. But it is time consuming.

Win99 will produce speech, most of the time...there is some sort of timing issue, but can produce a good representation. On the hardware it will be slightly different in volume and speed (faster)







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