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PS3 Video Playback


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So this isnt 100% a PS3 question but hopefully someone might have an answer here. My PS3 recently got the yellow light of death - I used alot to play back family movies via my DLNA server. The PS3 was great in this respect since it handled FF and RW like a normal DVD with my MP4 files. What was great was its 1.5 playback speed when watching a kids soccer game. Everything was viewable but you could watch the game in 75% of the normal time.


Ive tried a few different BluRay DVD players which handle the DLNA playback fine, except they dont do FF/RW, they can only move forward 10 or 20 seconds at a time which is not desirable.


Anyone know of a media player like a Roku or such that works like the PS3 on MP4 playback?

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