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Vectrex repair/fix advice needed


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Hi all. Hope someone here can help because I cannot find anything about this particular issue anywhere around.

Just turned on my Vectrex today and am unable to get any game to actually play, The machine turns on as normal, will display the title for whatever cart is in, and then when "Player 1" is displayed onscreen it just stays there and will go no further. Both of my controllers seem in fine working order, and this will happen with any cart I put in. Game title, player 1 text, nothing further happens.

Anyone here ever run into this and/or know a fix?

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I can say that yes Minestorm was also doing the same, but now today after a few months of this it's looking like the system is more seriously unwell as although I'm getting plenty of buzz from the speakers, the display itself isn't lighting up at all now.

Guess I have a whole new problem to try to fix!

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