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Atari Telegames Pong composite mod?


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Why bother? It's not like there's much improvement to be had in picture quality/video resolution, and sound comes from the console itself.

It would be a little simpler to hook up, though, I suppose.


The point isn:t to make the picture quality better, it is to be able to hook it up to any NTSC compatible monitor in the world. This question has been asked countless times and so far the only sensible solutions have been to use a RF demodulator but this adds cost and makes the picture quality worse it should be possible to use a piece of stripboard and $1 worth of components to get a composite video signal as it is on the Atari VCS.


Outside of American and Canada it is near impossible to use the console as TVs in PAL land won't tune into NTSC RF signals, even other NTSC countries like Japan also won't tune in due to different frequencies used.


There is one hard to read schematic floating around http://www.atarimuseum.com/videogames/dedicated/pong_schematic.gif


From this it does look like you should be able to get some sort of video signal from R10 but the signal is going to need some work done to it to make it composite.


I am trying to get a couple of cheap consoles to see if I can get composite video from it as I do want to hook one up to a projector.

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