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.found a bug


Found in RaptorBASIC+ but believe it to be a Raptor issue. Similar to the first object in the list being inactive causing issues - if the last object in the list is set to inactive, the OP seems to get pwnd, causing masses of tearing in the top third of the screen and the 16kHz audio I have playing to sound garbled and as if it's being played massively time stretched.

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Don't be scared STEP up to the plate and WIN

I became a Champion discovering bugs and over coming them, NOW it's ur turn


Anyone who doesn't know or ignores GGN's link... they are going to... going to think you... think you have gone and...




...just imagine how many shirts that might yield.


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Der Luchs has found another bug, due to the fact I modified the memorytrack code at the last minute to make it more flexible (originally it was hard coded to only load/save the highscore table)


Anyway, prior to calling raptor_MT_load or raptor_MT_save, make sure to set the following two longwords:


raptor_MT_save_length: Longword pointer to length of data to save (in bytes)

raptor_MT_start_address: Longword pointer to start of data to save

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Following the above, I've fixed the Memory Track example. Please find below:


EX-09b - MemoryTrack.zip

	jsr	RAPTOR_start_video		; start video processing
	tst.l	raptor_mt_present
	bmi	.no_mt

	move.l	raptor_highscores_hex,d1	; get the highscore
	move.l	#7,d4				; convert 8 digits
	lea	asc_high,a0			; store it here
	jsr     RAPTOR_HEXtoDEC			; call the conversion	
	bra	.already_loaded
	lea     raptor_highscores_hex,a0	; reset the highscore table (top 10)
	moveq	#9,d0				; 10 entries
	move.l	#1,(a0)+			; store 0 to the table
	dbra	d0,.resettab			; loop around

Note: It always was saving/loading to the MemoryTrack, but the main code reset the highscore table regardless (doh!) Anyway, this'll be changed in the next release, but the example is updated here in the meantime.



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Whoops, bug-pocalypse!


RAPTOR_U235playsample - wasn't playing any sounds!


New RAPTOR.O and RAPTOR.INC attached here. Will update the main archive shortly.




Note - this call takes an extra param in D2 which is Frequency<<16

	moveq	#0,d0		; play sample 0 (player shot)
	moveq	#4,d1		; on channel 4 (music is 0-3)
	move.l	#8000<<16,d2    ; frequency
	jsr	RAPTOR_U235playsample	; send command to U235

Thanks to Der Luchs for finding this.



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  • 7 years later...

As noted by a few people, there is a rather stupid (on my part) issue with RAPCollide (or in Raptor, the RAPTOR_GPU_COLLISION function).


The issue:

  • Anywhere else objects are referenced by their object ID for any object, in any list, starting at 0 in the first list to 'x' in the final list.
  • For collide, the object ID resets to 0 for each new list

This will be changed in the next release of RAPTOR so that objects for collide do not reset to 0 for each new list.


The easy fix:

  • Have something like LIST2START=LastObjectInList1+1
  • In the rapcollide call you can then do (ObjectID-LIST2START) for the parameters
  • Once I make the change, you can then set LIST2START=0

Why didn't I notice this? Because I usually start with a game and add everything else around it (Menus, etc) - so all the colide functions are on the first list.

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