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Flashback Available in Canada!

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ATGames has finally manged to get retail distribution in Canada. Bed, Bath, & Beyond has recently(?) started selling these systems:





The Atari console is apparently sold-out across Canada, but when I went to the store (Brentwood Village, NW Calgary) last night, there was a pallet-load of Genesis consoles (both portable and TV versions), and a slightly smaller pile of the Colecovision and Intellivision versions.


I bought the Colecovision (my first choice!) and I would have also bought the Atari version had it been available.


Since I already have the Genesis and Intellivision collections for the PS 2 (and the Intellivision collection for the PSX), there was no compelling reason to buy those versions as the few new games added were not very appealing.


Bizarrely, the packaging (and manual) was English-only. I doubt that anyone in Alberta would care, but I expect that this will cause problems retailing this package in parts of Ontario, New Brunswick, and (especially) Quebec.


(For those unfamiliar with the Canadian market, I have even seen text-heavy RPGs packaged with a French-language manual -- despite the game being utterly unplayable without a knowledge of English.)

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I was playing my IntellivisionFlashback again last night. You know, although there are a few flaws, particularly with some sounds, overall this is a pretty good effort. They did get a lot of things right. I've seen some complaints that the controllers aren't very sensitive for diagonals. I played a few games back to back with my 'real' Intellivision, and yep, that's about how the 'real' controllers work too.

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I went out and got the Intellivision Flashback unit.


I really like it!


In my case, I never actually had an original Intellivision back in the day so I'm not a purist. That's likely what helps me get past the audio discrepancies and other slight oddities in the emulation for the flashback unit. The controllers seem to work well and I do seem to be getting 16 directions out of them. I only wish it included TRON Deadly Discs.


Anyway, neat machine for people who aren't extremely picky about total accuracy.

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