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The Vectrex Roli game is awesome


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Hi all, a while ago Der Luchs made a homebrew for the Vectrex where he recreated our beloved Vectrex Roli and his wife in game form. I know Vectrex Roli mentioned it briefly in one of his videos but I think his own modesty may have kept him from praising what an excellent game it is.


So I'm doing it for him!




Seriously this game needs more advertising, it's hilarious and just an overall excellent homebrew. I hope I don't embarrass Vectrex Roli by bringing up what an awesome game was made in his honor (and his wife) but this game needs to be played. :)

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Briefly? I thought there was a whole live-action dramatic reenactment video.


To be honest my video about it is more a live-action dramatic reenactment video than a real review. BTW, my wife still does not believe me I didn´t pay for that game... :grin:

The game from "Der Luchs" is really funny and even I could not ruin it with my name on it. ;)

Thanks to CompterSpaceFan for a real review! :thumbsup:

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I sense there might be demand for a ZX Spectrum game: Jet Set Roli, with the demanding wife not letting him into the bedroom until the house is cleaned up... Hm, I believe a similar game already was made, just under a slightly different title. :-D

Ha ha :D I guess this was the 2nd Speccy title after "VectrexRoli Miner" right?...

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