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Using the Raptor Engine

Der Luchs

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Hi folks,

only wanted to write down a little bit about my experiences :)

I've started coding the Jag a few weeks ago, it was a bit hard to get into

it by using source codes from orion and reboot.

Lets say, it was quiet hard to figure out, how everything works.

After some days, masematte told me, that the Raptor Engine was

released (I had no clue what he was talking about ^^), but I've downloaded

it ;)

After looking into the Raptor file, I've found the great step by step examples

and after that, everything runs by itself.

You only need to understand what's going on in this examples that will show

you at the end a Space Invader clone AND YOU'VE GOT IT!

Look at me, I've started coding with the Raptor Engine on 4.12. and on the

20.12. I've got my own game done :)

Once again:
THANK YOU VERY MUCH TO CyranoJ and everyone who worked on

the Raptor Engine.

More Games will come by using the Raptor Engine!

Stay tuned ^^


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You did! You bought a squirrelboard and were planning to look into it at least! ;)

All I'm saying: It's worth checking AA out regularely, I really would have thought you were starting with Raptor, seeing that it was released just when you were about to start. :D

But even without it, at least you did not quit out of frustration.^^

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You did! You bought a squirrelboard and were planning to look into it at least! ;)

I've bought flashcards for some others consoles as well and I'm still planning to look into them too. That doesn't mean, I know all devkits for all systems, knowing who will release which tools or coding a game :P

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