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TG-16/PCE CD Season 1 HSC/Seirei Senshi Spriggan


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Greetings and Welcome to Season 1 of the TG-16/PCE CD HSC....I am starting this to give a venue for all of those who have CD games for the TG-16/PCE.


These will run for 1 month per game.


I will take suggestions during the run of this HSC.


Points will be awarded as such...11pts for 1st down to 1 point for 11th..if there are more than 11 players then the point values will increase accordingly..(ie 12 players will result in 12 points for first and so on)


Standard HSC rules will apply here...no save states or cheat codes...Autofire is accepted. Pics are requested but not required.


Emulation and any controller setup is fine.


Score will be accepted from the 1st of the month to midnight (GMT -8 time zone) of the last day of the month...no late entries will be accepted.


There will be bonuses throughout the season...but not everytime.


Ok...on with the games!! Good Luck to all and all have fun!!!


January 2015

Game 1 : Seirei Senshi Spriggan


Settings: Default



Manual: (Japanese)



1. DonPedro 1,036,960 +11


2. NIKON 160,620 +10




1. DonPedro [11] (1) (1)


2. NIKON [10] (1)

*I will not be supplying images of any CD games...they are too large in size for this venue...I will supply A link to where I found the image.


** If a manual is available I will include it however not all the manuals are in English but Japanese.


*** I do not have admin permissions so any score update and Bonus announcements will be in a post after the initial one during the entire season.

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Direct links to TurboCD ISO? Really? Sorry, it just get's confusing around here regarding what IS and what isn't allowed in these forums. :?

PMed Albert as to the legality of said link...if in violation of policy then I will have it removed.


I apologize if this offended anyone

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