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Season 12 Round 6 - The 3D Battles of Worldrunner


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Welcome to round 6 of the 12th season of the Atari Age NES High Score League!

This round ends on Sunday, January 25th.


Title: The 3D Battles of Worldrunner
Developer: Square
Publisher: Nintendo/Acclaim
Released: September 1987



Scores So Far
bubufubu 572,550
S.BAZ 220,000
Jibbajaba 176,750

darthkur 116,800
donpedro 89,400
jblenkle 1,000
roadrunner 400

Current Standings
1. darthkur 93
2. DonPedro 84
3. S.BAZ 68
4. asponge 55
5. roadrunner 44
6. Mangia-Boy 35
7. Jibbajaba 31
8. Lid 26
9. Ashkin2002 22
10. jblenkle 18
11. LarcenTyler 8

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Sure, Jibba.


I've already mentioned the hearts in my first post on here. Those add up to quite a few points, so keep your eyes out for those bonus stage balloons.


It helps to stay right next to a line with the enemies. You should notice that the game has vertical lines on the stages. I noticed that the line represents as far as enemies in that vicinity will venture. Meaning that if you stay a tad to the right of a line, the enemy that is threatening you on the left side of the line shouldn't be able to get to you. You don't wanna stay right on the line or enemies on both sides will be able to hit you. Just stay either a bit to the left or right. With practice, players should begin to feel more comfortable and safe with this strategy. I find this to be one of the smarter ways to obtain points. Seeing as how the enemies in a certain block continually roll from one side to the other, you can slow down and more easily hit the enemies in front of you. It seems to be easier than running all over the place trying to cover more ground and kill more enemies. That can get chaotic. I hope this makes sense to others here. Sometimes, I have trouble explaining things.


Another tip for you guys is to max out the power-ups the game gives you from bouncing into pillars. You can keep collecting missiles and "juice"(?) for additional points if you bounce horizontally to the next pillar. You should be able to do this up to 4 times for missiles and juice in each power-up section. Try it out at the beginning of the game and you'll see what I mean. I think you earn 500 points each time.


Also, I believe that you earn points for each section of the boss that you destroy aside from the head. So, try to kill each part of it before the head explodes.

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Sorry guys didn't realize that this ended a week ago.

bubufubu 572,550 +25
S.BAZ 220,000 +18
Jibbajaba 176,750 +15
darthkur 116,800 +12
donpedro 89,400 +10
jblenkle 1,000 +8
roadrunner 400 +6

Current Standings
1. darthkur 105
2. DonPedro 94
3. S.BAZ 86
4. asponge 55
5. roadrunner 50

6. Jibbajaba 46
7. Mangia-Boy 35
8(t). Lid 26

8(t). jblenkle 26

10. bubufubu 25
11. Ashkin2002 22
12. LarcenTyler 8

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