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Pro Football 1770

Retro Lord

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Abraham Lincoln, the king of Mars needed a vacation, so he used his omnipotent powers and traveled into dimension 1770 too play his favorite sport ; football with his best friend, Abraham Lincoln. Abraham throws the ball and Abraham kicks it.


Controls: Left and right steers Abraham Lincoln, the button makes him kick. You have to kick the football with your foot. (No easy task!)


Would be nice too have some music but I suck at music composing...Other then that I think this is a very fun little game. Can you beat my highscore of 70 points?


Please report bugs if you find any.









DOWNLOAD - Pro Football 1770.bin

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We'll be checking out Pro Football 1770 on tomorrow's (Tue Jul 14) ZeroPage Homebrew stream LIVE on Twitch at 6PM PT | 9PM ET | 1AM GMT! Hope everyone can watch!








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Gave this one a go and after a bunch of frustration, I think I now have the official high score in this game. haha


I was surprised to find that you actually get bonus lives after a certain amount of points. I'm not exactly sure when they trigger as the life counter only ever shows a max of 3 even though you can have more.


From using debug colors in Stella, it looks like it uses a very small missile0 on the very tip of Lincoln's foot as the hit area of if you actually hit the ball or not when you kick.

1770_highscore_2020-07-20 13-18-10.png

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