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So as to not have any questions and so I do not have to type the rules every round here are the rules for this HSC.


These rules apply to both Hu card and CD HSCs.


1. However you can play the game...real console or emulation...and any controller scheme you want to set up is fine as long as the controller scheme does not trigger a macro.


2. Screenshots are not required but are requested


3. Since there are a number of shoot em up type games..and autofire seems to be a running theme with these types of game..autofire is permitted with shoot em up games only.


4. No Save states or cheat codes or any other type of enhancements are permitted in competition.


5. Point scumming is forbidden. (I do not think I need to define that)


6. All scores submitted must be new scores and all games are started from the beginning.


7. The Moderator is the final word on any problems issues or complaints that pass my message center or in a post of a thread.

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