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Aaron the Aant


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I'm trying to make the ant not walk when the joystick is standing still. I tried using SWCHA for joystick reading to do this:

    q = SWCHA / 16

    if q>0 then o=o+1

where if o{2}=1 a frame is on and o{2}=0 a different frame is on, but it didn't work. Why not, and what would work?



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I figured it out. Looking at the code from Larry the Lemon, the line that used SWCHA was this:

q = SWCHA / 16 ^ $0F

I don't know what the ^ $0F part means (I do know that $0F = 16), but I plopped that in and it works okay. Perhaps RT should edit his page to include the "^ $0F" part?

Another weird thing is when I compile, I have 111 bytes left. So then I went to put in something that couldn't possibly be 111 bytes and it ends up as -23 bytes. What's going on there?

Anyway, here's the latest build.



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ZeroPage Homebrew is playing Aaron the Aant on tomorrow's stream LIVE on Twitch, hope you can join us!


After Dark:



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