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Vectrex display problems


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At first i want to introduce myself.

My name is Dennis and recently i own a vectrex.

The system dit work great but unfortunately the on/off volume switch failed after a while.

So i hardwired the wires to fix this temporarily and cleaned the vectrex inside carefully with air from a compressor.

After that fixed i have another problem:


The picture is all messed up and the vectrex startscreen only has the rasters lined out without the vectrex text.

Sound is working and i can hear the game playing.


Things that i have checked/done:


-removed dust and dirt inside the vectrex and boards

-measured the 4 wire connector on the main board ( 4.95V ,ground ,4.88 V ,13.32V )

-cleaned the 4 wire connector

-resolder the 4 wire connector points on the board

-removed chips from socket, cleaned the pins and socket and reseated them

-cleaned the x-y-z connector



Can someone tell me where to look for this problem?

(Pictures are taken from start screen en minestorm )


With kind regards,





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Good news!


The vectrex is working again after re-cleaning the socket of the first chip in the right corner near the adjustable pots.( logic board )

Also recalibrate the display by a electronic specialist with a multicard and fixed the on/off switch and also fixed the joystick button!





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I just ordered the 72 in 1 Multicart by Andy Coleman ( http://vectrex.playntradeonline.com/ )

He is also active at the atariage forum as pootle.

Unfortunately his responses on emails are not so fast.

But all the customers who had ordered his product did get it. ( so good hope for me! )


Just a question about the vectrex: are there reproduction overlays for sale anywhere?

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