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Got sick of waiting...


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Another update!


  • Added a title picture
  • Locked the frame rate so its slow enough to play (oh, the irony again... my sides hurt)
  • Added the Amiga music
  • Included (but not yet triggered) all the sub tunes, also found the SFX hooks, but need to sample them all.... very boring!

It is the 90s...



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ok this is running very well now. Seems to be about right. The music is a trip. Now this is the Amiga version? Why did they make the Amiga version different?


What? No, it's the ST version, with the Amiga music. I guess they did that because the Amiga doesn't have a YM2149 chip? :D

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Lucky for you some person is selling a cartridge of it on ebay - a change from the rotary controllers he usually sells.

what is it with these people these days?



That's disappointing as he's been to at least one e-Jagfest that I know to. I've sent him a message asking him to think of the wider community in regards to the auction. Probably won't do much good, but had to try. Turns out he's away until 5th August so that auction will end with another over inflated result!! Edited by Gaztee
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