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Coleco Frogger Rom not working?


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Hey guys,


Just wanted to check to see if anybody else had any issues with the Frogger Rom. The game loads fine, I am able to pick, slow or fast, 1 or 2 player, music or not, but I can't get the game to start? Am I missing something. I downloaded 3 different rom's just to make sure mine wasn't bad, and its the same thing?


Maybe I don't know how to start the game, what button do I press, cause I've pressed them all...lol


Thanks for the help..


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How are you trying to play the Frogger rom image? Are you using an emulator or one of the AtariMax MultiCarts? Where did you download the rom images from, because if you downloaded from somewhere other than Ikrananka's Rom Dump Project which is pinned at the top of the CV&ADAM Forum, you may have a bad rom image... although I have used numerous rom images since the late 90's without any issues.

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You probably have a non working * button on your controller. I believe the atarimax comes with a controller test rom, I would check your keypad fuctionality.


Thanks Yurkie,

I did the test, and I found one of the joysticks I have to press really hard to make the * work. I used the function test, and found a better joystick, and now Frogger works!

Thanks everyone, and thank you Yurkie for the manual as well !

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