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Vectrex: Jumpy/Wavy Image


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I just picked up my first Vectrex last week and it's a wonderful little system. I have Sean Kelly's multi-cart on the way and I'm very excited to experience all the games Vectrex has to offer.

I had some issues with my screen not being centered but I fixed that after doing a little digging online and finding out that I just needed to move the little rings on the yoke. I was hoping it would possibly fix another issue I've been having but it did not. The issue I'm having is that the screen is a bit jumpy. It's not so bad that I can't play it but it's still a bit annoying. I read that a little jumping is normal and that the overlays are designed to help take out some of it but I'm thinking the jumpiness of mine might be more than normal. Is there any easy fix to this? I'm pretty much a noob to CRT's so anything that involves me discharging the monitor is probably going to be a no go. I know there are a few pots on the power and logic boards that can be adjusted but from what I've read two of them handle stretching, two of them handle voltage, and one of them I guess also handles voltage but people seem to like to use it for centering the image when they shouldn't. I'm hoping I can just tweak something somewhere to make that jumpiness go away. Any help would be much appreciated!

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