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HSC12 Round 2: Gyruss


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if you missed round 1 just join in; you can post a score for that too :)


Crushing it's opponents to win the poll is the classic





I'm pretty sure there is a bug in this game where you sometimes clear a wave and get left with no option but to crash into a rock to continue... I guess we will find out and see if there is a good version out there - perhaps we can get this fixed if we can work out when it happens :ponder:


No autofire unless you can't play otherwise (tell me when posting)


Scoring same as last time

Bonuses 1pt each

First person to make it to Earth

Highest score on the first man

Set the new HSC record; currently held by HSC veteran poobah 896,400 :-o


Downloads Fandal XEX Atarimania ROM Atarionline.pl ATR/XEX/ROM/VBXE

Information Atarimania Instructions, Post #11 Asteroid Bug, Post #13 Advanced Gamplay

Round Ends Sunday 1st March 10am UK time


If you need any help just ask :)

Game ON!

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GYRUSS - reminds me for a great greek meal by spelling, hehe!

well, I love this game and played a lot times back in the 90ies...

Done a few turns now and it still work fine.

But I think the highscore is not beatable, haha!


Anyone from you also had this bug:

I lost a live but also all enemies were gone.

With my new life there was no warp I just fly around - but no new enemies are coming.

As regulary the stage was cleared.

So I needed to crash with a meteor to loose another life.

But with the new life the warp turned on and brought me to next stage.




Love this shooter. Should be featured in one of the upcoming issue of PRO ( C ) ATARI Magazine...

Anyone of you want to make a contribution about this great game for the mag?





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OK, second try!...

Earth! Home Sweet Home!

Well done SHiNjide :thumbsup::thumbsup: That bonus point didn't even last the day.

So we'll add another one for the first person to get to earth twice, which is pretty darn hard :)


Gyruss "Asteroid Bug" - info from the HSC archives:

RJ - "I'm using the actual cart on an 800XL (always have) & never personally encountered the asteroid bug."

Mimo "weird , that happened to me this afternoon. Real cart on a real Atari icon_mad.gif"

Shannon - "There are a couple binaries floating around and one of them has the above mentioned bug and I think the other on the 2nd play (2nd game after dying) the ships come out in the wrong order and the bonus levels are all messed up."

trbb - "I wonder if it's something to do with killing the baddies in the middle and the explosion accidentally clears a live one but still thinks it is there, if you see what I mean. Perhaps I'll be more careful towards the end of the waves? "


If anyone is using emulation perhaps they can play on the ROM versions to confirm if the bug is present ?


Has anyone the original Gyruss Disks? Perhaps they are ok and it was a copy protection removal thing. Or perhaps it's something that can be avoided somehow when playing... always good to have a sub story or controversy for each round :D

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Gyruss - Information from MaPa and others


The three bouncing things don't come out if, after all of the formations have passed, less than, I think, 4 enemies are left in the middle. Since the bouncing things give huge bonus points, you should avoid that case.


As I observed you need to have at least 3 enemies left then they will spawn.

You get bonus only if you kill all enemies before any one of them starts going back (heading to the middle). So even if you kill them all in time and just one of them slightly turns it's nose to middle and go there then no bonus for you.

Gyruss probably uses HW sprite collision thus I get sometimes killed by "bonus score" ... it has the same color as bombs, part of ships, meteors so sometimes when I get bonus for killing the formation and then move over the score I get killed.

It looks like that when you have too many ships in the middle the 5th formation will not get spawned.

The key for big score is to learn the formations. IMO there are 5 formations in each stage, so kill the first 4 for bonus, leave at least 3 ships from the last formation to settle in the middle to spawn the orbital stations for bonus points and try to kill all enemies when not settled in the middle (you get only half points compared when the are moving around the screen) and kill the last one flying for bonus. And of course in chance stage kill all ships to get bonus too. For example you can have 15500 points after first stage, after stage 3 (neptune + chance stage) over 50k points.

It looks to me that you get additional ship maybe at 60k 160k 260k etc.

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well, I just dig into the game - get one with it again after all these years...




I went back to earth ;)

the three wraps to earth are horrible


what I didn't remember was:

the game do not get really more difficult after leaving earth again...


My Score:



I think it is possible to beat this mega highscore stated in the entry post.

If I would have the time to play a few days now only it will happen.

But I do not have the time.


But we got so great highscore hunters here...

I think someone will beat it to the end of this round.


But it is fun playing GYRUSS

Love it!







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