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A little help with one game I'm working in IntyBASIC


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I'm having problem with the instruction portion of this game. I'm not sure what's the cause of the problem.

MODE 0,4,15,4,13
define 0,8,gamegraphics
define 16,10,numberfont 
define 28,12,TitleGraphics
dim numberz(4):dim goal(4):

print at 26 color 7,"\284\285\286\287\288\289"
print at 46 color $2002,"\290"
print at 47 color 2,"\291\292\293\294\295"
print at 52 color $2002," "

print at 124 color 7,"Start Game"
print at 144 color 7,"How to Play"

print at 180 color $2002," "
print at 184 color 7,"Made by Kiwi"
print at 206 color 7,"IntyBASIC"
print at 224 color 7,"by NanoChess"
print at ypos color 7," "

if cont1.up then ypos=123
if cont1.down then ypos=143
if cont1.B0 AND ypos=123 then goto Start
if cont1.B0 AND ypos=143 then goto HowToPlay
print at ypos color 7,"\258"
goto Title
print at 80 color 7,"Shoot the number to increase them by 1. If the numbers matchthe goal number,thenthe round is done.  If overflow then    that number is resetback to zero. Enjoy!"


if cont1.BO AND a=0 then goto reset
if a<>0 then a=a-1

goto HowToPlayloop


I was trying to find a way to have the instruction stay on screen. When the user press the button, it goes back to redraw the title screen. It stays on screen about 4.15 seconds due to a not being 0 yet. It seems that the button is sticky. It doesn't stick during gameplay though.





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Yes, it was a typo. Thank you. I do need to figure out how to change the font in Notepad++. 1 and I, 0 and O use the same letter as it was like the old typewriter days.



Here's a nice article on configuring Notepad++: http://www.groovypost.com/howto/notepad-plus-plus-change-font-color/


As far as terminal fonts go, I like Terminus and Consolas. Consolas comes with Windows as of Windows Vista.


For the record, I pretty much hate Courier. :)

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Number Blaster is a new game? A new kids math game? :P

Yep, it's a new game. Hmm... maybe... It was original made on the TI-83 calculator... hmm. Anyway, I made a gifo of the game in action.


post-24767-0-59927000-1424050691_thumb.gif <-- click to animate


In the snake 10 liner thread I made 2 different version of the same game, the meteor shooting game. One only use background layer, the other only use sprites. So the one with the background layer was going to be this game, but 10 liner would be difficult to make Number Blaster in. I decided to make this one without 10 lines limitation. The sprite version of 9 liner meteor shooting game going to be expand upon.


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This game kind of reminds me of a game I made for the comp.sys.sinclair crap game compo just a few months ago. Perhaps I should try to port it to IntyBASIC.



(after publishing it, I've learned there are methods to determine if a number is divisible by 7, 11, 13, 17 etc so the number of professional levels could be extended)

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