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Magnavox Odyssey Original just got it have a few questions? Have pictures.


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I don't see how it could be said to be working as-is when there's nothing to hook it up with, and no game card to power it on with. ;) Chances are it probably works, though, or only needs a good cleaning or minor adjustments.

The trouble with getting an Odyssey is that it's kind of an all-or-nothing deal; everything for it came together and individual components and game pieces rarely turn up by themselves.

An AC adapter shouldn't be hard to get since the Odyssey uses the same kind as the Odyssey 100-4000 systems (as you probably noticed, you can also use batteries), and IIRC those were usually available separately. There are probably aftermarket ones on eBay too. You can also use the same switchbox as one of the Odyssey 100-4000 series (they use a proprietary switchbox due to the bizzare plugs on the RF cord), and again, those aren't found separately from their consoles very often, but it happens. I wouldn't hold out much hope of finding an orphaned RF cord for an Odyssey, though.

If you're handy, your best bet would probably be to get cheap, beat up or broken Odyssey 300 set (it's probably the cheapest of all Odyssey pongs anyway) with a switchbox and, preferably, an AC adapter and cutting off the RF cord and splicing a standard RCA connector on the snipped end. That way you could plug the goofy end into the Odyssey, and use a standard switchbox or F-Coax adapter instead if the proprietary Magnavox type.

Of course, you'd still need to track down the game cards and accessories...

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