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Looking for Odyssey 2 games CIB


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Hello everyone,


I want to start of by thanking you for your time for responding or just for reading this. I was born in 1985 and the Odyssey 2 was released before then and production on new games stopped before I was out of diapers. I never played an Odyssey until a little over a month ago when I got it CIB along with 7 games CIB ( Pick Axe Pete, UFO, Bowling/Baasketball, KC Munchkin, Allpine Skiing. Speedway/Spinout/Crypto-Logic, and Conquest of the World- All the pieces and looks brand new!)


I got the O2 with a bunch other items like Atari 1200XL + a ton of Atari related items, a TI-99 4/a and a few games, and Sears Telegames Pong unit. All for $86 dollars! I think I made out like a bandit and have since sold off everything besides the O2 for a nice chunk of change. I was planning on selling the O2 but for how nice of condition it and the games are in I just can't do it...


So here I am now looking to aquire all the US games CIB and probably any of the Videopac that are not alternante versions of US games.


I have found a few good deals based on what others have said they paid for some of the games, but a few of what others consider to be 'rare' are just flat out outrageous! I dont know how the sellars sleep at night knowing what price they put the games at.


Sorry to ramble but I have really enjoyed learning about this system and its history.


Here is what I have so for CIB and have spent about $40-$45 out of pocket to aquire the additional games I have minus the 7 that came with the system( I consider this free because I have more then payed for it with the money made off the other items). Some are still being shipped but I have payed for and consider them owned.


If anyone has some of the games I do not CIB and not looking to take me to the cleaners I would like to buy them from you but probably not all at once. I only buy games when I haver extra cash flow selling on criagslist and eBay.


Also any guidance to a good website that sell these games at a decent price would be awesome as well.




1. Alien Invaders Plus

2. Alpine Skiing

3. Attack of the Timelord

4. Bowling/Basketball

5. Conquest of the World

6. Freedom Fighters

7. K.C. Munchkin

8. Killer Bees

9. Monkeyshines

10. Pick Axe Pete

11. Smithereens

12. Speedway/Spin-Out/Crypto-Logic

13 UFO



Thanks for your time and help!



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