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magnavox oddyssy I rf out adjustment

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Hi everyone.


I have a working Magnavox Odyssey I run I.

We all know it was designed for old tv's with the good old fine tune knobs on the tv to sync the display and new tv's don't Have this extra fine tuning ability...


I know there are individual boards in the Odyssey unit that have set functions .. Anyone know if there is a pot on the pcb that can be adjusted to fine tune the rf signal out... The one tv it does work on is a bad 27 inch Magnavox tv.. The tv is in just too bad a shape to use.. My other tv's the signal is flipping and rolling ..


I may risk just marking and adjusting them at random ..but hope for some wisdom before I walk off the cliff lol


Thanks all

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I don't recall if there's an RF adjustment pot, but it wouldn't surprise me. There are pots for just about everything else, including paddle (sorry, "spot" :P ) height and width, ball height/width, I think center line width, and probably some other stuff.

I know that doesn't really help, but if you're timid about playing around with the Odyssey's guts, I guess I'd try getting a really old TV in better shape that has V-hold, H-hold, and fine tuning controls.

One thing about the analog Odyssey systems I'm just remembering (including the 100, 200, 400, and 500) is that IIRC you have to sort of calibrate them to different size TVs. If you get everything all lined up and in proper position on, say, a 13" screen, it'll probably be out of whack on a different sized screen.

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