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PS3 HD Remakes & Collections

Metal Jesus

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They should've included Ascension. Not only did the two mastered collections on the PS3 provide a big visual jump, but gamers got two games for the price of one.


The much smaller visual leap that GOWIII will experience, combined with being just a single game, is going to be a tough sell I think for a now five year old title (Especially if it's not priced appropriately). Plus, surely there are some fans that aren't fanatical about it, that missed out on one or the other and might be tempted to buy this to catch up with this franchise.


By including that 2013 release, I imagine this would sell better and do more to maintain interest in this franchise while they work on a true PS4 release.


Instead, I lean towards thinking this will hit the bargain bins pretty quick.

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Sticking with concept of HD remakes...GC MGS:Twin Snakes and Eternal Darkness would be superb...
Dreamcast;Power Stone 1+2 (I have the PSP collection, but not keen on playing them on the small screen), Soul Reaver (possibly easier? than porting PS1 game)....
Also a PC Starlancer and Freelancer Console release on modern hardware (and fix the bloody later Ion Cannon bug from DC version, your co-pilot shouting wrong warning about damn thing locking on has prevented me from ever completing the game).




Eternal Darkness I would camp out for. :)


Soul Reaver was cool but I liked the original top down RPG'ish Blood Omen even more. I'd love to see those cleaned up.

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