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Expedition Island demo / Adventure Island port

Retro Lord

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Releasing the demo for the first level of Expedition Island. As it's in the demo phase you cannot die.

Kill enemies, avoid jumping rocks, and collect fruit too increase your time counter.


The level is never ending in the demo.










You are Master Figgins and your girlfriend has been kidnapped and it's up to you to save her. Travel across different island and save her!



Move by pushing the joystick right, jump by pushing the joystick up and throw your tomahawks with the button.




Like it, hate it, found any bugs? Let me know.


DOWNLOAD - Expedition Island Level 1.bin

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I like your work so far. If you never put anything into the top playfield row, you could use that to store your hunger meter and avoid confusion with the lives kernel. The holes in the ground are kinda odd since the original's holes are much larger, I would recommend just removing the ground for the length of a hole and killing the player at the height of the bottom of the screen. The controls could do with a bit more slippery-ness to match the nes version, as well as the ability to go left at lest a little, helps with landing in situations like the spring.

Source: Adventure island is in my top 10 favorite nes games.

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How do I store the hunger meter in the top?

The holes are fixed in the none-demo version.


I'll see if I can add sliperyness.


Going left I will add, cheers, was a long time since I played the original game.


I'm also gonna add in so you lose your tomahawk when you die. And you have to get a new one in the levels.


Cheers for the feedback!

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The wife loves Wonder Boy, so I'm sure she'll like this one! I thinks it's really good. Maybe make the jumps a tiny bit higher!?! Or not..

You could use the score counter to end the level. This would be a great title to do a port to the VCS for, so KUDOS!!


..also, my wife beat the Master System high score for Wonder Boy as listed on Twin Galaxies! She never submitted the high score, but she beats it regularly!

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for the hunger bar across the top, I'd just make a line of pf that you add/remove with pfpixel or pfhline based on a variable. I'd show you an example because I used this when building my metal gear game but that got deleted when a young family member "cleaned up" my computer.

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Congrats on the project! I'm starting my own this week, my first go on bB ever. I'll follow your topic, looks like a fun game.
Perhaps you could make the missile range a bit longer, or use a wider angle for it's trajectory? right now you have to be really close to the opponent to hit it.

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If I'm reading the bB kernel_options chart correctly, you can't use playercolors with no_blank_lines and that means you lose the multicolored version of player0.


Ah..yes..I believe I screwed that up, yup. I think when I did this for another game I was working on I switched control over to the player1 sprite and forgot. Yeah..you lose some colors!!


(and missiles, yup..)


(..and your mind..) :P

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