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Sean Kelly Vectrex Multi-Cart 2 Update


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Does anyone know if there are files you can use to add games to the 2.0 version of this cartidge? I paid like $80 for Sean Kelly to add rom space to my multi-cart and then he never did another release. There is a decent amount of space left over in the cart and I assume it should be relatively trivial to add games with an eprom burner, but they would presumably need to be in a particular format. I would love to add some games to my multi-cart, so if anyone knows if there is software or instructions to do this, I would appreciate any help you could give me.

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Pretty sure it's a read only cart, and not easily upgraded. If you want a programmable cart, goggle 'Mateos development kit for Vectrex'.


The cart has eproms inside of it (IIRC), so you should be able to erase and reporgram the eprom chips, as the upgraded eprom chips have at least 1 full page of "empty rom space", which are presumably 8k each.

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