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[SEGA Master System] Bruce Lee SMS [v1.00] Remake-Port

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I didn't grow up owning a PC. But when I did get a chance to play on one, Bruce Lee on the C64 was probably my most played and favorite computer game.

I've been stalking the progress of this one for what seems like quite awhile lol. This port essentially captures both the fun (and maybe even adds to it in some ways) and the charm of the original, polished and updated for a classic homebrew port worth the wait. :D

An attempt at recreating the classic Atari800/C64/Spectrum game "Bruce Lee" for the Master System.


Finally, version 1.00 is here. That's the full game at last. Sorry for the big file size, the zip also includes the box art, a label design, and a full multi-language manual now.

What's new in version 1.00?
- Rooms: 20/20
- Boss
- Ending

As usual, please report any bugs or glitches you encounter. I have fixed a couple of small bugs near the end of development, and I hope I haven't created new ones by doing so (as I usually seem to do, unfortunately). On real hardware I once encountered a strange glitch with wrong tiles showing up in the status bar, but I couldn't reproduce it, so I assume it was just my Everdrive acting funny.

Many, many thanks to all you guys around here. Without your help and encouragement I'd never have been able to see this through. After all, this is still my very first program in assembly language ever.

I don't want to spoil too much of the game's final screens, so, as a small teaser, I just give you a glimpse of the SMS version of the most universally hated room in the game..








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