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Odyssey2 homebrews by the 2600 Connection


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So glad to see that AA now has a dedicated forum to one of my favorite systems, the Magnavox Odyssey2.


A special thank you to Albert and Revolutionika for making this happen... this system truly deserves its own forum.


Hey for those of you looking for some O2 homebrews, I sell the following






WILDLIFE! ( Sold Out)





More details and ordering page:




Also would like to mention


Packrat Video Games


also sells a number of O2 homebrews:




and also there is Marc V. from France:




I have worked out a deal with Marc where he is selling a Videopac style version of WILDLIFE.

Later this year, I will be selling FATSO! ( which is currently sold out)





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I do not own any of the Revival games so I cannot answer...


There is a guy named Dieter in Austria who sells a few O2 / Videopac games as well..


Dieter is also here on AA... his username is CCC---


His web site ( Classic Consoles Center ) is:




I have not ordered any of the games as unfortunately they do not appear to work in the USA on an NTSC Odyssey2 system





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Whats the deal with the O2 games on revival? Look for seperate thread i just made.


Is that all the people that have O2 homebrews for sale?


Any other sold out homebrews?


List of people releasing Videopac/O2 homebrews/prototypes


Person Member here


2600 Connection timdu

Videopac Is @Live Videopac is @Live

Revival Studios superogue

Packrat Video Games ozyr

Classic Console Center ccc---


Also on the Videopac/O2 forum Rene_G7400 releases various items for the system


Sold out homebrews/prototypes


Wildlife by 2600 Connection

Sea Rescue (plus version) and Western by Videopac Is @Live

Flash Point,Shark HUnter,Route 66,Martian Threat and Tutankham by Classic Console Center


List of released homebrews/prototypes games

Homebrew/prototype release schedule

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