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Buttons stop responding during gameplay


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So I have come in search of an answer. Recently I scoured my aunts basement in search of trinkets and things due to her years of hoarding. Yardsale coming up and I wanted first dibs. So I came across a Sega Genesis that I used to play with my cousin 2 decades ago (time flies). Originally it was a single N64 game that caught my eye (no console, sadface), also a single SNES cart. Short story, I managed to snag the Genesis with around 14 games and an NES with 5 games. The NES works great after I replaced the 72 pin strip. It had a game sitting in it pushed down for what I guess is at least 10 years. But the Genesis isn't so lucky and it's so sad, I want to play Taz Escape from Mars, and Toy Story, and of course SONIC!!



Ok, so. The console starts fine. Every cart works perfectly. So now I have the console on and I start a game. All is well. I play for 10 seconds and now the back button doesn't work? Or any random action button stops responding. If I push a button while the game is loading this also prevents that button from working. I have 3 controllers. 1 of which is completely dead. And the other 2 do the same thing. You start playing and its fine and then buttons become unresponsive. Is this a console problem? Controller problem? And can this be fixed? Please tell me it can. I'll be awfully sad if it's not a possible fix.



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I'd replace the controller. I've got a few Mega Drive/Genesis controllers which are going bad like that which I need to repair. Its usually residue build-up on the contacts on the controller board.


Some Genesis controllers are just buit very badly as well, there are a few variations of the controllers internally. There is one that is known to be terrible.

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I rarely find a bad Genesis controller. Aside from taking it apart and cleaning everything with rubbing alcohol, you could also plug the controller in and out a dozen or so times. Occasionally you'll find dirt, residue and corrosion on the pins and connectors. I would imagine it's something simple since your problem is intermittent.


If you truly think they are dead, I'll send you 1 working controller in exchange for your 3 bad ones. Of course if the Genesis is the problem, then that won't do any good.

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Try another controller first. If that doesn't work, you may have a bad controller port.


I once found a Genesis 2 where half the connector pins (controllers, video, AND power) had cold solder joints. If you looked closely enough you could see a ring-shaped crack around the pin. So I just whipped out the soldering iron and reheated every one of the pins.

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OK. So I have taken into consideration the said tips. I went ahead and ebayed a pair of terribly cheap knockoffs. Don't hate me. lol. I only went with them because they were so cheap. If either of them work I will know if it's controllers or not. If it is the controllers, Jeremy I will gladely trade 3 for 1. If it's not the controllers I will need a new solder tip (something smaller, what I have is a giant tip) and I will try to reheat the pin bases. I will let you know when I have the controllers and/or tried reheating!

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