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New A8 Game Released - Curse of the lost Miner


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I should say the timing is closer,


It sometimes load sometimes doesn't with the latest tape image...

but that's way better than the never load one we started with!


Hello again,


I have tested the unmodified tape images with real hardware (unmodified XC-12, Atari 130XE, and Turgen System).

Both editions of the game loaded always perfectly (tried three times both tape images).


I would suspect your SIO2PCUSB and/or APE in this case.

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This little Atari programming adventure is over (boo-hoo...). I have updated and stablized the game home page. It is simpler and has a color scheme that is in line with the (gloomy) look and feel of the game.


As a very small bonus, there are more binaries available to be downloaded directly (original segmented binaries, monolithic packed binaries, tape images, bootable disks, and cartridge images for the Atari 5200).


A nasty cheat for the original (non-U.M.C) editions of the game:

Hold SELECT (Atari 800XL), or ASTERISK (Atari 5200) until the main menu appears. You will get free access to all caves. This cheat also works with the prequel game.

It is said that the cheaters always prosper, but....there are no cheats for the U.M.C editions.


please consider taking the remaining miner levels to the 5200 ... :thumbsup:

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please consider taking the remaining miner levels to the 5200 ... :thumbsup:


I believe that all levels I have ever made are available for 5200


Caverns of the Lost Miner (released in 2007 for XL/XEs - original set of 13 levels) has been ported to 5200 in 2015.

Curse of the Lost Miner (released in 2015 - new set of levels) has been ported to 5200.

Curse of the Lost Miner U.M.C (remix of all previously released levels + 1 extra level = total of 27) is also available for 5200.

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