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DIY Happy 'Controller' Mod

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I understand back when Happy upgrades were being made commercially there was a second mod to work in concert with it - the 'Happy Controller'. Old AtariMax still sells his reproduction of the Happy board, but not the controller addon. Therefore I wondered if it was possible to put one together from components available at Maplins/other-electronics-hobbyist-outlet-of-choice? Did it have a PIC or some other controller chip or was it basically a physical mount for the two switches and LED?

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For the cost and time involved (and the possibility it won't work) I can't recommend enough investing in the new Speedy mod. I have one and fitted it myself and it totally rocks! Happy mode, US Doubler, Archiver, Duplicator and many more all in one easily switch able board.


Worth every penny

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beat me to it!


Thanks guys! I've sent an email to Mr Wolfgang, So I will wait and see wha he has to say on price and P&P.

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