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My Atari 2600 emulator and sound device emulator written in Python (PyPy)


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Sorry for my poor english.


Sound Device Emulator




You can download source code from my blog.



Q. Stella is good, why should i need to check yours?

A. Stella is good but a bit too complicated. My emulator has at least 3 advantages(and a lot of weak points).

1. Only single file.

2. No need to compile.

3. Python is much easier to use and debug than C in most cases.



Although my emulator is slow and buggy, it really works on some games.

If you are interested in writing an emulator, maybe it's a little useful for you.

Note that the success version 1 is more easy to read because it has classes, but not single file and has no sound.

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Hi, ResolaQQ - That's very cool!


I think people tend to disparage new emulators in situations where mature ones already exist, but emulators are fabulous computer science projects, and taking the time to produce one is something worthy of admiration. Back when the NES emulator scene was exploding in the late 90's, I accepted the challenge and wrote my own NES emulator--of course, with no shortage of prior art to benefit from! It really expanded my appreciation for these machines as well as for the game developers.


I never released my emulator, named Syntendo, because the sound emulation never reached a state I could be proud of, and the sound of those old games was a big part of my own enjoyment. Ironically, the name Syntendo was shortly thereafter taken by somebody else for a project that emulated nothing but the NES's sound chip. :) (Guess we just need to glue the two halves together!)


I hope you'll keep working on and enjoying your emulator project!


Take care,


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