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Want AtariAge at this year's PRGE?

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The 2015 Portland Retro Gaming Expo promises to be a great show as always. AtariAge has attended several times in the past, although we didn't attend last year's show. I'm considering attending again this year, but want to make it a little easier on myself. It's quite time consuming to prepare for, drive out, setup the booth, tear everything down, and then drive back.


To that end, I'm hoping to secure as many Commodore 1702 monitors and Sony 20" - 27" televisions locally as I can. And by secure, I mean borrow for the duration of the show. Ideally I would have these for setup on Friday, and then returned after the show ends on Sunday. I think in 2013 I brought at least 15 1702 monitors to the show, plus another four or five 20" and larger Sony Trinitron televisions. I'm hoping to drive a smaller vehicle up this year, so if I can just bring games to sell (and a smaller number--I will focus on some new releases for the show, recent releases, and game demos), banners, AtariAge swag, and the actual systems (since I have a ton of 2600, 5200, and 7800 systems modified for s-video and composite output), that makes it more feasible for me to attend. I could even ship the systems up in advance (and ship them back to Austin on the Monday following the show), as those tubs are fairly large.


I'm also looking to borrow a 50" TV that has VESA mounts. I will bring a professional display stand and mounting hardware, same as I used in 2013 (and at last year's Classic Game Fest in Austin).


And, finally, I'd love to enlist help in setting up the booth, manning the booth during the show, and tearing things down at the end. In 2012 and 2013 I spent very little time actually looking around at the other booths, the arcade, and other elements of the show, so it would be nice to have an hour or two to do so this time around. And of course, having help setting up (especially setting up) really makes things much easier.


If you can help in any way, please either post up here or send me a PM privately.





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