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Web99 - Search your TiFiles/Disks v0.5 Beta 4


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If your target is starting an emulator or copying that disk image to a certain location, I can try to automatize this. Classic99 is working more or less. I still don't like having the filename hardcoded to Web99 there but there are certain ascii characters used for TI Files that are not allowed as characters for PC Filenames and I didn't dare to ask Tursi yet about the proper mapping, he was quite busy lately on Backup/Server Data losses.


Basically Classic99 expects all illegal characters to be remapped to '~' on the disk. When the TI requests a file with an illegal character, it will transparently map it through to '~' for the actual disk access. The actual list of characters is "?/<>*| (double quote, question mark, forward slash, less than, greater than, asterisk and pipe). Backslash and colon ( \: ) are also illegal characters on the PC filesystem, but Classic99 does not yet remap these because it uses them as PC path names. However, this is going to change very soon, so I would recommend you include them in the remapping list (just be aware they won't work yet). Fortunately these are rare in TI filenames.


This differs (a lot) from the way V9T9 did it, but this is for three reasons. The first is that V9T9 was written for DOS, which was much more restrictive on filenames than modern Windows. NTFS supports nearly all the characters that the TI did, as well as the full filename length -- even FAT32 does. The second is that the high ASCII characters V9T9 used in place of those illegal characters are difficult to work with on Windows, and a goal of Classic99's FIAD system was to enable full use of Windows as the file manager. And the final reason is that Classic99 does not natively support the filename inside the file (there's limited support for it in V9T9 files, but it's not 100% compatible) -- again for the same reason that Windows needs to work as the file manager.

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Will it be possible to extract disk images from the index containing all files that were originally on that disk? Right now Web99 seems to be file-centric, when many programs are multi-file ...


While I cannot use your program productively, as it is Windows-only and relying on .NET, your Christmas index is a treasure trove by itself. I had a go at your Lucene index with Luke, but the disk images have been thoroughly smashed into bits :) , and I wasn't able to restore them without knowledge of your data model.

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Hi Ralph!

This part of the data model is not finalized yet. :) I don't (and don't want to) save the binary data of the whole disk.

I save the binary data of all the files on the disk, their meta data, and the disk meta data.

I don't see a value in maintaining a disk image as such, as the only purpose of it is the files or the combination of them as part of a certain application, be it "Miller Graphics Nightmission".


There will be a way to link multiple files to one unit and that will have some name like release or application. With introducing that I also need to introduce some specs on how to share that kind of data level with other users.

This kind of data level will probably need some human input. Someone needs to tell the tool that those 5 files from the disk need to be there on a disk in order to run the application. So someone needs to define once the application. But all other users will retrieve that information by updating the index over the net.

I could maybe automatize it partely, if the files are loaded from within a Basic Program.


I got sidetracked a bit from Web99 with receiving the 99/8 and Hex-Bus Peripherals and am preparing my home for some upcoming TI Vienna meetings.

But after those I will go back to Web99.


If you plan to integrate the data into your tools, we can share and check the current data model and see what we can do in order to achieve your goals.


Here is the Presentation I did which shows parts of the data model:



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Thanks Klaus, much appreciated. I'd love to have a discussion about this in the future, but I don't have much time for xdt99 right now either.


And in no way I would want to pull you away from your 99/8 -- that is top priority! :) You need to get it going by Birkenau ... (*wink*wink* *nudge*nudge*) :-D

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Hi Klaus.

It looks like the project never moved beyond the beta stage. Are you still working on it by any chance?

In the age of TIPI, wouldn't it be great to have Web99 communicate wirelessly over the home network with TIPI instead of having a manual serial connection to the TI? 

Regardless, I plan on using it to sort through the huge libraries distributed on a USB stick by Vic at the 2018 Chicago Fair. 

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