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I just listed my Bounty Bob Strikes Back on Ebay starting at 99cents


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Reserves never made sense to me. Just start the auction at the minimum you're willing to take for it. Just seems like it serves no purpose but to irritate potential buyers into playing a guessing game. Or just use a BIN with a "make an offer" option. IMO a reserve auction is just a bastard child of a standard auction and a BIN.

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I so knew he would do something like that when he had a reserve . Nice of him to find out the most someone will pay then relist it a hundred and a half above that thinking the highest bidder will get desperate .


I just learned that "nice" is a homonym for "pathetic"! :lol:

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After frustrating his buyer pool he may find himself not even getting the $350 later down the road....a lot of people don't like to play these little games...


I keep a list of people whom I 'feel' are 'sleezy sellers'* next to my computer. Once they make the list, they NEVER come off it. I would have guilty feelings if I felt that I knowingly encouraged or supported unethical behavior that led to the financial exploitation of others.


* Legal disclaimer. This is only a PERSONAL OPINION based on a single viewed action.

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