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Tape games on eBay


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  • 2 years later...

Adding to this. I have the first 13 or so Adventure games plus the ones posted right above.


There's a bunch of others that I haven't seen on disk image yet, including:


  • Escape from Alcatraz
  • The Great Avocado Adventures
  • Rattlesnake Bend
  • Adventures of Bigfoot
  • Cruel Canyon
  • Cinderella
  • Tomb of the Grey Elf
  • The Investigator
  • Castle Dadrkholm Chapter 1 & 2
  • On the Loose
  • Lost Gold
  • Mine
  • Adventure 1: Nessie
  • Oliver's Twist
  • The Amusement Park
  • Travelling
  • Witch's Brew
  • Wizard's End
  • World Destruction
  • Zoom Flume

Just for kicks and grins, here's the original 13:





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Several of those were Asgard releases:


Rattlesnake Bend

Witches Brew

Wizard's End

Castle Darkholm

Zoom Flume

Oliver's Twist


I have all of them and the manuals.


On the Loose came with the Adventure Editor, along with June Lake and Knight Ironheart. The latter was written by M. Weiland himself and is probably the hardest adventure I've ever played. Even studying the code didn't help.

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June Lake, do you know who programmed it, and does it need the Adventure Cartridge ?


And BigFoot (Saga?), Adventure Cart is needed ?




PS: I have 289 entries in the Adventure-Category now (including some Books and Links)

Will update that list soon

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Post #1 - SIMON'S SAUCER - This was a Console Basic game - put out by the illustrious 99'er magazine(World Class Software). They called it a FLIPPER SNAPPER. It is actually a jazzed up version of a type in program that was published in their rag. Anything for a buck. I have one of these and the package is actually pretty nice, but I still think it was a rip-off back then.

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wow, nice list from BuddyBear :)


So I was able to do some corrections. Can somebody confirm wether this games here need the Adventure Cartridge ?






And last question (for today, maybe :) )


Which oh these games are or are NOT related to the "Return to Pirates Isle"-Cartridge ?



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What's funny is that it looks like he's just selling copies of floppy disks. LOL

yup, it is. he has a lot of auctions that are like that, too, where it appears to be disk copies of images/etc.


i bought it early last year after buying my TI because it was the quickest way (i knew of at the time) to get copies of all the Scott Adams stuff.

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Yes. He does much of his business doing duplication and labeling... usually charges $2 per copied diskette or so.



I'll be curious what the cassettes I bought are like, then. Nowhere in the description does he say that they're copies. He states "Like New: An item that looks as if it was just taken out of shrink wrap. No visible wear, and all facets of the item are flawless and intact." condition.


If I don't get originals from him, I will be a little upset.

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He typically will indicate if it is a copy in the listing. He offers a legit service, and as long as he stays honest about what he is selling, I have no issues buying from him. :)

Yeah, I specifically ordered the items I bought because they didn't say "these are a copy" anywhere.

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