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Intellivision 125 running man poster

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How much did Intellivision 125 running man poster poster cost from Intellivision productions ?

I have one to sell 18 by 24 but not sure how to price it.


I bought mine directly from Intellivision Productions. I think it was $20. They've been out of print for a long time though. I'm sure you can get considerably more than that now.

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No, there was only 1 poster and 1 size. Mine is framed and hanging on the wall above where I play my games. For me, I damaged my poster a little as it got wrinkled getting it into the frame. Should of had a pro do it.....


A reissue on these would be cool, but as you know that could take a while. I believe I purchased mine from Intellivision production 15 years ago or so and it was $9.99. I wish I had bought 2!

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