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X3 Atari St's and lots of games etc for sale

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I sold my original Atari along time ago and regretted it ever since. I then bought a replacement and now have 3 separate units. Off the top of my head one is an 1040 ste upgraded to 4 mb and was working. I have two 540's one is an fm and they were not working / used for spares. I have a large collection of games at a guess between 300 and 500. I think I have a rough list on my computer if required. I don't want to just stick it on eBay if it may be of some interest to someone who loves these retro computers as much as I did. If there is some interest or sensible offers I will do a bit of digging and some light testing. It has all been in storage for some time now and I never get time to have a play. I am in South Yorkshire in the UK.

Anyone interested?

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I thought I had more than this but here is a list :


Boxed Games

The Power Pack (Tv Sports Football, Xenon 2, Lombard RAC Rally, Bloodwych)


Little Puff

ST Wars

Warlocks Quest

Ruff and Ready

Dungeons, A and A

Defender of the Crown

Prince of Persia

Team Suzuki

Shadow of the Beast

The Games Summer Edition

Double Dragon


Chase HQ

Back to the Future 2

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Cannon Fodder

Super Cars

Barbarian the Ultimate Warrior

Shadow of the Beast 2

Star Trek

Sky Chase

AV38 Harrier Assault

Microprose Grande Prix

Hard Drivin

Frontier Elite 2

Storm Master

Test Drive

Star Wars


Fighter Bomber


Another World

Secret of Monkey Island

Gauntlet 2



Italia 1990


Battle Command

The Tengen Trilogy (Klax, Cyberball, Escape from the Planet of Robot Monsters)

Oh No Not More Lemmings

Midwinter 2 Flames of Freedom

Fire and Ice

Fire and Forget


Crystals of Arborea

F29 Retaliator

Captain Blood

Kick Off 2 & World cup 1990


Castle Master & The Crypt

Falcon & Mission Disk Vol 1 Falcon x2

Mega Lo Mania

Thunder hawk AH-73M

Elvira 2

Barbarian 2

Micro prose Golf

Sensible Soccer

STOS Game Creator

Space Rouge

Galderegons Domain

Epic x2


2 Hot 2 Handle (Golden Axe, Ivan Ironman Super Off-Road, Shadow Warriors, Total Recall)

Discovery Extra ( 9 Lives, Language Disk, Final Fight, Sim City, Escape from the Planet of Robot Monsters)


Ultima V

Flight Simulator 2 x2

Pro Flight Hi-Soft

Midwinter x2

Sabre Team

Lemmings x2

Bart Vs Space Mutants

Resolution 101

Manchester United No Manual

Out Run x2

Time & Magik

WWF European Rampage

Drivin Force x2


Hero Quest



Enduro Racer






Drakkhen x2

Fantasy World Dizzy

Ghosts and Goblins

St Karate

Future Basketball

New Zealand Story

Skweek x2

Live & Let Die x2

Crazy Cars 3

Flight of the Intruder x2

World Cup Soccer Italia 1990 No Manual

Pro Tennis Tour 2


Talespin x2

Carrier Command x2


Golden Axe

Battle Chess


North and South


The Dream Team (Terminator 2, WWF Wrestle Mainia, Bart vs Space Mutants)

Lure of the Temptress x2

Cool World

Dragons Breath


Batman the Movie

3D Pool

CJ in the USA

Mig 29

Manchester United in Europe

Xenon 2

5 Star ( Enduro Racer, Wizball, Rampage, Crazy Cars, Barbarian)

Simcity & Populous

Vengeance of Excalibur



Onslaught x2

Rick Dangerous x2

Rock N Roll x2

Pipe Mania x2 Find Manual


Chess Player 2150

Virus x2



Chambers of Shaolin

Trivial Pursuit A New Beginning x2

Asterix x2

Legends of Faerghail

James Pond - Robocod 2

Terminator 2 x2

Addicted to Fun (Rainbow Islands, Bubble Bobble, New Zealand Story)

Rolling Ronny

Mc Donald Land

Lombard RAC Rally x2

Operation Wolf

Ninja Warriors FM only


F15 Strike Eagle 2 x2

Captain Fizz

Super Scramble Simulator

Altered Beast

Robocop 2 x2

Roadwar Europa No Manual

Chaos Strikes Back (D&D add-on Vol 1)

Formula One Grande Prix

Lords of Chaos




Super Hang-on

Hard Nova

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (curse of the azure bonds)

Rambo 3 No Manual



Power Drift

First Samurai

Toyota Celica GT Rally

Predator 2


After the War No Manual

Passing Shot

Magic Pockets

Sky Rider

Gauntlet No Manual

Road Blasters

Shinobi No Manual

Midnight Resistance

Hollywood Highjinx

Dragons Breath & Indiana Jones Last Crusade No Manual

Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge

Gremlins 2

Tennis Cup


Addams Family

Operation Thunderbolt

Saint & Greavsie

Killer Ball

Revenge 2


Super Cars 2

Super Grand Prix


Unboxed Games

F16 With Manual

F19 With Manual




Zenon 2

Galdregons Domain

Dungeon Master

Games & Utilities ......... Disk 3

Helter Skelter

Rainbow Islands

Robocop 2

Butcher Hill Disc 2 Missing

Chronicles of Omega

Badlands Pete

Prince of Persia

Eye of Horus

Nine Lives

Lemmings With Manual

Lemmings 2

Italia 1990

Question of Sport

Outrun Europa

Outrun Turbo


Games and Utilities Disc 3 only



Boxed Atari Basic Programming

Boxed Data Manager Professional

Boxed Quartet

Boxed Art Director

STE Language Disk

Mega & ST Language Disk

Uk Language Disk

Superbase Personal

STOS Compiler

Fun School 2

Family Curriculum - Creative Computing

- Junior School

- Play & Learn

- GCSE Revision No Box

Magic Story Book


Copy Games

Baby Jo



Hypnotic Lands

Psycho Pig 2

Course Angler



A Night on the Town

Crash 2000 and Breakout

Summer Olympiad

Marble Madness

Eliminator and Pac Mania


Revenge of the Mutant Camels



Ghost Busters 2

Starquake and Xenon

Seconds Out

Eddy Edwards Super Ski

Mach 3


Double Dragon 3



Insecticide and Rabbit Jump


Buggy Boy and Ikari Warriors

The Dizzy Collection

Chopper X and Roadwars


Flight Simulator

Grandad and the Quest

Fast Freddy

Hard Core


James Pond


Cover Disks St Action

Cover Disk 32

Cover Disk 33


Cover Disks St Review

Cover Disk 7 Just Disk 2

Cover Disk 8 1 & 2

Cover Disk 9 1 & 2

Cover Disk 10 1 & 2

Cover Disk 20

Cover Disk 21

Cover Disk 22


Cover Disks St Format

Cover Disk 1

Cover Disk 2

Cover Disk 3

Cover Disk 4

Cover Disk 5

Cover Disk 6

Cover Disk 7

Cover Disk 9

Cover Disk 10

Cover Disk 11

Cover Disk 12

Cover Disk 13

Cover Disk 14

Cover Disk 15

Cover Disk 16

Cover Disk 17

Cover Disk 18

Cover Disk 19

Cover Disk 20

Cover Disk 21

Cover Disk 22

Cover Disk 23

Cover Disk 24

Cover Disk 25

Cover Disk 26

Cover Disk 27

Cover Disk 28

Cover Disk 29

Cover Disk 30

Cover Dick 31

Cover Disk 32

Cover Disk 33

Cover Disk 34

Cover Disk 35

Cover Disk 36

Cover Disk 38

Cover Disk 39 ...1&2

Cover Disk 40 ...1&2

Cover Disk 41 ...1&2

Cover Disk 42 ...1&2

Cover Disk 43

Cover Disk 44

Cover Disk 45

Cover Disk 46

Cover Disk 47

Cover Disk 48

Cover Disk 49

Cover Disk 50

Cover Disk 51

Cover Disk 52 ...1&2

Cover Disk 54 ...1&2

Interphase Full Game


Cover Disks St User

Sept 91

Dec 91

Feb 92

Apr 92

July 92

Sept 92

Feb 94


Cover Disks The One

Issue 4

Issue 5

Issue 6

Issue 7


Cover Disks Public Domain

Issue 5

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Definitely interested in those if you're willing to split:


Chambers of Shaolin


Prince Of Persia

ST Wars

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Crystals of Arborea

Ultima V

Resolution 101


Ghosts and Goblins

St Karate

Pro Tennis Tour 2




Rolling Ronny

Mc Donald Land

Lords of Chaos

After the War

Tennis Cup


Super Cars 2

Revenge 2

Addams Family


Hard Nova

Captain Fizz



Storm Master

Dungeon Master (if in good condition since I already own a tattered box)

Skweek & Asterix (if original editions, not the Tenstar one with the little gold logo at the bottom left side of the cover)


A friend might be interested in some more as well: Warlock's Quest, Elvira 2, Sabre team, Turrican, Rampart, Chaos Strikes Back)

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There could be more stuff that I have forgotten about.


I have not come up with any prices at the moment, Ideally i'm looking to sell the lot in one and would prefer a easy handover with out shipping if at all possible.

I will see if I can get some pictures soon. I can not remember what condition all the game boxes are in however I remember there were good and bad ones.


If there is a lot of interest I will start to dig some of it out.


Many Thanks



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well i'm definitely interested in any 8-but disks you have - copies or originals

and as for the ST stuff, can i lay a claim on:-

Sensible Soccer



Lemmings 2

STOS Game Creator

xenon 2

Super Scramble Sim




thanks (in anticiptation)

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Ok let me get a few pictures together, there is obviously some interest but I want this to be simple. I will split if it is worth my while doing so. It would depend on if the money is worth my time.


Ideally after pictures if some one wants to make an offer I would rather sell the lot as a whole even if I will overall make less out of it. Unless it becomes better off for me to split what I have and bin the rest, but that seems like a shame. I don't really want to spend loads of time testing it all either.


The collection probably just needs a sensible offer for the lot and for someone to shift through it and sell it on. Unfortunately I just don't have the time and I have various other console collections to consider selling on which I know is worthy of more time.


Many thanks, I will post soon.

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hi again

well if you are willing to split would you be able to put aside (as requested above)

the upgraded 1040ST and the following games


Sensible Soccer
Lemmings 2
STOS Game Creator
xenon 2
Super Scramble Sim
are you based in the UK?
if so, look forward to your PM confirming total cost & shipping costs
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Hi all, the 1040 4mb has been tested and is working. I just need to figure out how you make it display the memory installed. I managed it once along time ago.


See the pictures.


You need to run sysinfo.prg which shows a set of information including the memory installed.

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How do I find/run sysinfo.prg … it has been a long time

I linked the file in the previous reply but here it is again,https://sites.google.com/site/stessential/system-tools/sysinfo . You will need to download it and copy it onto a floppy disk. Floppy disk can be formatted in a windows computer if you have one with a USB or internal flioppy drive. To format a 720kb floppy in the newer versions of Windows, you need to open a CMD.EXE (Command) prompt window and type FORMAT A: /F:720 /U


Copy the SYSINFO.PRG file onto the floppy and then use this in the Atari STE. Open the A: drive and run the file. This will show a screen of information about the computer. If you take a photo of the screen this can then be uploaded here to shiow the system information.


Not an easy process if you have not been using the Atari for a while. Relies on you having access to a windows computer with a floppy drive which is becoming rare these days and makes this process harder to achieve.


Anyway, hope this helps.

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