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McWill LCD VGA out clean install option


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I've done two Lynx II's now with the Mcwill LCD. In short, if you don't have it, stop drinking starbucks for a while and send him your spare cash and get it done, it's that good!


On my personal Lynx, I ended up installing the VGA port where the brightness knob goes. It turned out okay, but I'm not a wonderful case cutter, and I'm a little picky. plus, there's not a lot of room to get things in there and the case seems a little tougher to shut.


So for the next one, I had an idea after I saw a little 6-pin PCB header socket in my electronics junk box. I thought, "boy, that looks like it might just be a close fit where the factory contrast knob went. It turns out, it is almost a perfect fit. The height is perfect, but it's about 1mm too wide. You you just have to make a teeeny cut on the lynx case, or on the pin socket.


After that, you'll have to build an adapter cable to have a 6-pin PCB header on one end to VGA on the other.


Here's what I did:


Get pin header, solder up 6 wires.



Hot glue to insulate and make it rigid:



Heatshrink it:



Solder up the VGA connector:



Put a shield on the VGA connector:



Short little adapter cable ready.



And finally, install that socket into the lynx. this is a test fit.



I'll post the final results shortly, but it is super clean and is great if you rarely plan on using the VGA out, but still want the option.



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Heh, I did the same thing! I was extremely apprehensive about cutting my Lynx and after digging through my parts bin I found that the pic connectors were the almost-perfect size. I filed the sides of the connector that went in my Lynx and it truly is a snug fit. Plus, it holds the connector to the case without having to use glue or anything.


The heat-shrink looks nice and tidy. I need to resolder my cable and make the connection more robust, though. I've already broken a couple solder joints from casual use. I also marked my cable "TOP" so I didn't accidentally put the cable in upside-down.


Pics here: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/233632-lynx-lcd-replacementvga-out-by-mcwill/?p=3206961

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Wow, I like the way you installed the socket better by making the notches instead of the glue. I'll adjust my method for the next one! I think if you reinforce your solder joints with hot glue or epoxy and heat shrink it should be a lot stronger.


Nice work, we should combine the two threads!

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