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So what do I have?

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Greeting Atari ST pros!


I recently found a killer deal on Craig's list that I couldn't pass up. Vaguely advertised as a "Working Atari ST with disks" for $55. I ended up scoring a fully upgraded (4MB) Atari 1040STE, monochrome monitor, box of software disks and a MIDI sequencing software package called "Creator". As I know nothing about MIDI sequencing, I asked a co-worker friend who used to be a professional recording engineer. He said he used to have a similar Atari ST setup for his work and that they are still used in the industry today. Apparently, the real key to the machine was the feel of the timing clock. It wasn't rock solid so it felt a little more "human" than what newer more powerful systems offer today. Okay, that's cool. It looks like I just picked up somebody's professional setup for a "song". (Pun intended).


As I am not a recording engineer and I don't plan on ever doing MIDI sequencing, I looked on Ebay so see if the software was still worth anything. I found absolutely nothing. So now I turn to you fine folks for advice.


I have the manual, software disk and a cartridge that functions like a dongle of some sorts. Any idea if this is still worth anything?


Many thanks!




Pic attached.






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Garbage really. Not worth anything. In fact, you'll probably be better of just sending it to me. Quickly. =)


The 1040STe has always been my "ST of choice". The 4MB upgradablility using commodity SIMMs and the blitter make it a joy to use. The interface is snappy. Add a modern storage solution - I recommend the UltraSatan - and you have a real gem there.

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I definitely know I got a great deal on the hardware... Something I haven't experienced much in my 30+ years of Atari-ing.


It's the MIDI software I'm wondering about. I can't find anything about it. I guess I'm hoping someone can let me know's what "Creator 2.2" is and if it's worth anything.

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