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how to remap a wired controller?

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Hi there, does anyone know a way to remap controls by "fooling" a PS3 into thinking one wired controller is another?


I have Need for Speed Hot Pursuit and the steering wheel controller I have does not have any "up" or "down" controls and due to the layout of the pedals, I actually want to remap L2 to be the accelerator and R2 to be the brakes. In other words, I just want to swap L2 and R2 but I can't go up or down the menu.


I thought, no problem, I have a flight stick for games like Steel Birds and Ace Combat. I'll plug that into the PS3, remap L2 and R2 since I can now go up and down the menu, then I'll unplug the flight stick and plug in the steering wheel and congratulate myself.


Unfortunately, no dice. Need for Speed Hot Pursuit is a bit trickier than the other racing games I have mapped controls for. When I try the trick above, at the saving of the remapping, the game says it has saved these settings for "wireless controller" (which is strange because my controller is wired) but when I connect the steering wheel, my L2 and R2 are back to the default.


It's like this title recognizes each individual controller and won't let me fool it.


I've had no problem remapping other driving games, this one is being belligerent.


Anyone know of another trick that might work in this situation? It's no big deal, I have tons of other racing games, I would have just liked to try this one out.

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