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Dump Missing Games / versions / homebrew levels

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C'mon guys you must all have an Atari goody on disk that you've not seen anywhere else. Perhaps some levels you did for a game using a construction set or a different version or hack of an existing game. Even if you have a few levels for Mr.Robot post them and someone will pull them together for a new version :)


I'm hoping someone can extract these to proper file versions?


Chicken from Synapse: Trandisk2.1Menu-Chicken.ATR

as far as I can see my old copy that I transferred from tape has a superb clucking sound when you sit on a chick :-o :grin: turn the volume right up first! (paddles or joystick)


Until recently these 'budget tape' games were missing from the databases - atarimania now has .cas files.

Video Classics: Trandisk4.2Menu-VideoClassics.ATR

pong like games pretty average apart from Asterbliperoids which is good. Probably much more fun for two players

Mad Jax: Trandisk4.2Menu-Mad Jax.ATR

not very good (think it was way too easy) but looks nice


Some links to things I've posted before:

Briky great BASIC game

Ixion best version, Pole Position Race Designer / Tracks, Gorf ATR saves scores plus Extra lives versions of Ixion, Preppie!, Preppie II, Lost Tomb and Mr Do's Castle.

Rally Speedway Levels

Mr.Robot Plus my screens (and Goochamn's) turned into a proper game


Have fun :)

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I am impressed to see you using 'Transdisk' for the tape transfers! I could never get it to work properly myself. I think it was a piece of software made or at least distributed by 'Page6'.


I have a box full of 'RedRat' tapes from the late eighties somewhere - I think they were an exclusively British software re-packer, so there could well be some slight differences from the American originals. If they survived the mould that ate all my old disks and If I can get my old 1010 running I will try to get them transferred and uploaded here. It is an excellent idea.

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