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The Ginger or Maryann question as related to the TI :)


Ginger or Maryann TI Poll  

31 members have voted

  1. 1. Which beauty do you prefer?

    • Maryann (Black & Silver) Console
    • Ginger (Beige) Console
    • Other -- Please do NOT explain below!

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I always thought the 'sliver'/black design, along with the matching sidecars and sort-of matching PEB, had a nearly Bang and Olufsen feel to it when compared to the small system designs of the time (which were nearly all variants of beige). It was designed to look high-end tech.


When you're trying to cut costs though, having the added production expense of a "clip-on" outer shell - that suited no real purpose but esthetics - certainly makes no sense.


I often wish they had considered simply releasing the beige consoles in black. I guess the logic was that if you have to compete with everyone else, in a market where you're failing miserably, you are wiser to look more like everone else. (even back in the 80's though, I thought the better solution would be dropping restrictive 3rd party software licensing and let a massive influx of 3rd party software sell the machine (and, by association, your own software - which was where the big bucks were)


What's surprising on the poll question though, is when I've shown both consoles (pictures - I only have 'sliver'/black consoles) to friends who never owned a computer « back-in-the-day », the choice is overwhelmingly beige.


(I thought Mary-Anne was much sexier then Ginger (but neither held a candle to Ellie-May Clampett!). My own 'sliver'/black consoles...they're Emma Peel in a skin tight black leather jumpsuit and thigh-high stilleto boots!

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The 2 American shows that have been on TV almost constantly over the Years here would have to be Mash and Get Smart, but Gilligans Island wouldn't be too far behind.


Getting back to the point though, and I do understand this poll as far as the Colours of the TI99/4a go, but at the same time it is also a contradiction.


In Gilligans Island Ginger was the overdone Tarted up character, but the Beige Console is plain.

Maryann is the plainer, Sweet Girl next door type, which isn't the Black/Silver Console.


I prefer the look of the Black/silver unit, but owned a Beige one back in the day, and now have a ratty Black/Silver console and 2 good

Beige ones, one is perfect. The beige consoles have worn better overall, except where Yellowing has occurred.

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