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Problem with my Atari 2600 (Sunnyvale Heavy Sixer)


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Hi everyone ! First post on AtariAge, but some of you may know me from NintendoAge. I'm happy to come to this forum, looks great ! icon_smile.gif

So here's the problem. I bought this Atari 2600 a few days ago and unfortunately, I have a problem with it. As you may know, this model's (Sunnyvale Heavy Sixer) cable is in the console, so I can't change it without opening the system. I opened it today and I noticed that the metal part of the cable looks a bit rusted. Also, after checking some videos on YouTube, I noticed that my PCB board is different: mine is green and the ones I saw on Youtube were all beige. What does this mean ? Are there variants ? For the cable, I bought this: http://www.ebay.com/itm/1-TV-adapter-Atari-2600-Game-system-console-Cable-RF-Switchbox-coaxial-antenna-/261544106294?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3ce53e5936

Here is the video of what it does:


As you can see, it does these annoying sounds and these "flashes" on the screen. I put the TV type switch on color. Thanks !





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Almost looks like interference but I don't know of anything internal that can cause interference a few times a second.


Do you have an O-scope? Check the 5v rail, maybe a failing regulator or cap is causing spikes?

After a lot of tries and a good cleanup, unfortunately, I never managed to get it to work on the TV you can see in the video, but at least, it works on my other TV, so that's fine for me. Problem solved. For your question, I do not have an O-scope. Thanks for the answer !

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