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Reset Button Install on TI-99/4A Console


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I bought a square, red button that I mounted next to the letter "A". The switch itself required more pressure than a typist would apply, so the potential for accidental reset was very low. Since it also sat a bit lower than the key itself, it was not in the way. I don't have that keyboard anymore but I do have a similar reset function in place for my Geneve that is wired to the PC Tower's reset button.

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There was a circuit for the Commodore 64 which used triggered a reset if you held the RESTORE key down for a few seconds. I imagine something like that for our TI.


Not exactly the same, but similar. Of all the solutions I've seen, I like prefer direct to CPU method the best, but with a twist. Instead of installing a single button for a single function, you would install a single PS/2 connector.




This way supplies not only a reset button, but a load interrupt button among other things. :)



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I mounted my reset switch on the left side of the console so I wouldn't accidentally hit it. It's also a relatively flat switch, so it's not real obnoxious. And it's what Radio Shack had that day. :)


I also have an observation about the grom port reset switch. I used that method for a while, but it wouldn't reset the console on real severe lockups, I would sometimes have to power-cycle to get back in operation. The 9900 pin 6 method works without fail.









I like this spot for the reset button and it's almost flush. Maybe I will get one of those cool illuminated ones to try out..

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In your photo above, I'm curious, what are you using to raise your P-Box to the perfect height?


When I had my PBOX setup like this I had some older 7.62x51 ammo plastic boxes I stacked 2 and used I think 8 to get a solid base and it brought it up perfectly.

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