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More and more things "Apple II" are coming from estate sales.


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More and more things "Apple II" are coming from estate sales. Not many collectors or hobbyists are selling their Apple II goodies.


Been seeing this a lot on ebay where people don't know what they're listing. All they can tell you is the name of the item - because it's printed on the card or box or disk. They also see "Apple" marked someplace on the item and automatically assign an overly high price.


I wonder if this is the spearhead of a trend where the supply is from estate instead of someone simply downsizing their collection or getting rid of it entirely because they're tired of it. Or just wanting to trade and sell doubles.


Some guy put up like 50 original disks and priced each and every one the same. And except for a couple, they were seriously overpriced. 2 or 3 were underpriced. And they came from an estate. The last 20 Apple II items I asked questions about were also from estate buys. And the answers were very generic. They had the tone of an uninformed flea market type of dealer. And most definitely not that of a tech hobbyist, or anyone that knew anything abut this stuff.


It pains me that the Apple hardware is being treated so inhumanely. At the same time, they're saving it from the dumpster. Just imagine at the end of the heyday how many of these systems were dumped by the educational system. Schools wouldn't bother auctioning them or donating them. And they couldn't sell them for anything that would've been worth the trouble. I personally remember seeing skids full of them being put out for the dust cart.

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