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My newest acquisition


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I know this isn't exactly the holy grail of Atari cartridges, but this one IS my prized possession, a Mint In Box and still shrinkwrapped PHOENIX, and it still is wearing it's price tag from back in the day, and by it's color I can tell it's a SHOP-RITE price tag. I scored this little gem for a mere $5.00!!


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The later year Phoenix isn't hard to come by. I'm assuming the back of your box has multi-languages. They were part of the warehouse inventory O' Shea had 20 years ago, though there are none left from that. I actually decided to keep an original CIB Phoenix with the comic book in addition to the sealed one. I don't usually keep variations, but unless I find a sealed original, I'll keep the later one.


I always suggest keeping original games sealed if they are since finding a loose copy to play is rather easy on the majority of titles.



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