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atari 1050 repairs in the uk

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i know someone who can fix most probs on them = don't know what he charges

pm me your email addr and i'll forward your details on

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Give us some detail, it may be self fixable...Try your best to be as detailed as possible ie does the red led light, does it read disks but not write, does the drive just spin etc etc..


And if you know, does it have any custom stuff like a Happy enabled..


There's a lot of stunningly knowledgeable guys in here who may be able to identify the fault instantly.


Does not hurt to ask...

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Could very well be one of the voltage regulators if the heat sink is getting really hot. Lack of one or the other voltage would mean the drive not spinning (12v? Sorry no schematics to hand and I've been out of the repair game for a year).


If you have a multimeter it's easy to test for 5v and 12v on the test points on the board.

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1050 powers up,Atari xl sees the drive, but the 1050 doesn't spin.

Gets very hot on the heat sink at the back of the drive. capacitors or Dead drive mech?

Chances are either the 7812 regulator, the voltage doubler circuitry (one or more of the horizontal raised diodes near the large caps) or both of them are defective. The drive mech motor is a 12V type, so it makes sense this is your area of interest. The diodes are known to fail. It can't hurt to check the other diodes in that area when your at it.

As said in post #8, start by checking voltages. The regulator and diodes are cheap (max 5 GBP in total), so replacing them should not break the bank. Caps do dry out after so many years, but I'd concentrate on the regulator and diodes first. The large caps can be quite expensive a few GBP each).



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