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Atari Flashback 6

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While I don't think a 5200 specifically would be needed, one with the 8-bit computer style games of the 5200 and the 8 bit computer line has the potential for being successful. Those games had good graphics, sound and gameplay.


Key word being "could." I would not have faith in AtGames being able to pull that off successfully. The good graphics, sound and gameplay would probably be lost in cheap emulation. And the games people would really want to play probably wouldn't be included.

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Bed, Bath and Beyond had a huge shipment of about 200 or more each of Atari FB6 and Sega Classic Gaming Console. They ARRIVED at around Dec 6-7 and were ALL gone DEC 14-15. Now they have the Darth Vader toasters which are cool, too cool to USE!!

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Sometimes I struggle with supporting this line of consoles or not... when not struggling, I buy them each time a new model is released however. The struggle is with supporting a quite imperfect product, or supporting a product line that at least allows people to have a stroll through memories for nostalgia who do not require perfection to enjoy the experience. What are the challenges in making the emulation exact? I don't know that answer. It would seem this would be possible with modern technology and the fact the rights are legally acquired to produce these units... cost prohibitive perhaps.


There doesn't seem to be any other option to support at this time, so I will stick with the Flashback stuff from AtGames, but if a company came along with a superior product, even at greater cost, I would certainly support them.


I would really love to see the sales numbers on these units, and I hope they are successful enough to keep producing them, but it would seem they might be near being backed into a corner on what they can do as far as more games. Maybe they will try other hardware options if this is in fact the case. I live in the US, and locally, these devices are carried at several retail chains including Kroger grocery stores, Dollar General Stores, Family Dollar stores and a couple others I can't remember, but by Christmas, they were sold out at any store I went to, which was more than a dozen different locations. That is a good thing. One clerk commented "all those games sold out by Thanksgiving."

Maybe the market for this type of device will be successful enough to bring forward a competitor that will produce a better product.



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