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side2 cart problems..


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Ok So I finally got a cf card and reader. I format the cf to fat32 and then try in the 600xl with u1mb. I put two xex files on the cf card and follow the instructions on how to load a game with u1mb. :I get a yellow screen every time the side 2 cart is in the slot. I can go to basic or the 1mb bios screen when the side 2 cart is not in the slot but as soon as the cart is put in and repowered the screen goes yellow.. Is there some setting I am missing or is the cart faulty? Not sure what to try.. Is there a setting for side 2 in the u1mb bois that is not set right? I tried with the cf card in or out of the side2 and it is always the same puke yellow screen.. :?

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Ok so I tried a bunch of stuff like finding my asteroids and star raiders carts and they both work so the cart slot must be working ok. I tried the instructions for loading atr and for xex files each time setting up u1mb correctly and same thing just a yellow screen with the side cart in. Is there already a program on the side 2 cart that comes up even if your files are not right. I am thinking the only thing on my end could be if the files on the cf card are not prepared right and so on. Does the side2 cart read something regardless with the cf cad inserted or not??

And if it is no good is there any warranty? I got it for Christmas and never tried it till today and nothing works.

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Dou you have another Atari to test?


If you are on U1MB disable everything that might disturb. Do this with SIDE cart NOT attached





Make sure you save the settings in U1MB now, and then switch off atari.


Insert SIDE2.

Make sure switch is in UP position.


Power on atari.


Still yellow screen?


Power off atari


Put SIDE switch in DOWN position


Power on atari


Still yellow screen?


If yes (yellow screen still) there are three possibilities:


1. Your SIDE2 cart has a firmware that is bugged. I'm not sure it is possible to reflash it, when the atari doesn't want to boot when the SIDE cart is attached.


2. Your Atari is (very) unstable, which isn't usually a problem, but with U1MB connected it works /with/ U1MB, but everything else connected to the atari makes it stop working (I have this had with a few atari's)


3. Your SIDE2 cart is -indeed- defect.


I hope you can test it on another atari, and I hope you can test it with everything in U1MB disabled that might disturb the operation of SIDE cart.

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I tried disabling and saving, repowering with u1mb and still a yellow screen. The only thing connected to the atari which I have tried that does not work is the side2, everything else sio and other carts all work. The other bad news is I do not have another atari computer. Maybe I will get another one some day but I did not want to go full on crazy collecting a8 computers as have lots of other atari consoles already and realized I have a addiction to collecting stuff.

Thank you for the reply. I was reading another thread where a guy had the same problem and had the tools to reflash and was able to repair his. He had 2 brand new side2 carts and one worked and one did not. I do not have that kinda reflash stuff.

I am not sure if I should buy another one as this could happen again but it does not sound very common for the carts to be sold DOA as most people have ones that work fine. I will have to wait and see if lotharek will help me out. The other deal is shipping back and forth overseas which sucks.

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Is there anyone who has a Atari computer that wold be wiling to try the side2 and if it does not work then maybe will have to be sent to lotharek? I just tried looking for another computer but not are for sale locally.

The Atari has to be 64k min? Or will a 400-800, stock 600xl work if I found one of those?

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